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Ready to find that Good Ice?
The Get Good Ice app is helping ice lovers all across America find convenient and en-route ice dispensaries  with  ratings, updates and pics of the ice quality.

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Hey Siri,
Which gas station has pebble ice?

The Get Good Ice App is now available in the App Store where over 100,000 businesses are tagged to fulfill whatever ice type you're craving. 

Wouldn't it be nice to know the ice machine isn't working...before you're in the drive thru window?

With real-time photos, updates and ratings from REAL subscribers there's not holding back how bad or how great a locations is. 

Get Good Ice

A location sourcing app finding 


Traveling to a new city?

No more looking through threads on other sites seeing if someone has already asked about the ice there. No more taking a chance going into a location only to find out they don't have good ice. Save time by seeing if machines are working, if ice is available and the type of ice available before getting there.


Need to get an ice fix?

No more trying to explain what you are looking for to others who don't get it. See what types of ice are available at a site by checking user reviews. Yo can even see user uploaded pictures showing the type of ice available so you know it's real. Leave your own review to ensure the information is up-to-date for the next user.

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Looking to get other products AND some good ice?


No more going to the same places for ice. Learn about businesses that provide the ice you love and maybe get a good meal while you're there. There are many places that Get Good Ice has verified as "good ice friendly". Sign up for the Get Good Ice community to learn about new locations and see ratings.


How to Use Get Good Ice

Just a few simple steps to locate and review ice on the app

Find a Location

Use GPS to find rateable locations near you. If you know where you are going, enter an address or business name to find them on the app's map.

Call, get directions and see reviews prior to going.

Add a Rating

We want to know what you found! If a location has an ice type that you love make it known with your review. Add a pic to enhance your entry and help others. Update your review as needed.

Save Your Favorites

Get Good Ice wants you to have your faves saved. Prepare for a trip by adding locations that have been rated by others. Have the places you love marked as favorites for easy access and to share with others.


Get Good Ice and More

It's about the ice and the community it serves

Get Good Ice started as a thought about how to solve a problem for its founder, Marchele Lee. Marchele, an avid ice eater, had the negative experience of having her ice eating stigmatized, related to poor health and simply not being understood by others. She also found it incredibly frustrating to go to locations only to find that the ice she wanted was not available. Marchele knew there had to be a better way to get the information she needed.

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Join the Good Ice Gang 

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Get Good Ice... Your Way

Personalize Your Experience

Even before you go to a location, learn about its ice offering through reviews from other users. Plan your trip around the good ice locations you know about. Verify ice types on the app to help others know where to go for that good ice. Save your faves for easy access later on.

Access and Location Options

Get Good Ice wants your experience to be convenient. GPS technology will show which business are verified with GGI within the radius and your location. Expand the map view for more options or choose list view. Select the type of business you want to visit and tailor your search results. 

Yes...Ice Eating is a real thing. 

It's crazy because as a ice eater I can look at the ice and tell if its good ice or not. I look for specifics , I like soft ice the whitest part in the ice is the best to me . I look for a certain taste.

I buy food and make crushed ice when I get home I'll let the food get cold while I enjoy my ice

I’ve been eating ice since I was a kid. I love this Wawa nugget ice because their ice machine always has soft ice. It’s like snow oh my god my mouth waters when I see it coming out of the machine!

Joan. M

Domonique J.

Dajah E.


Submit your location to be added to the directory. 


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